Perseverance - Update

NASA's Mars rover, Perseverance, or Percy for short, has now been on Mars for almost 40 Sols and appears to be functioning very nicely indeed. Attention however, will soon turn to the small 'helicopter' attached to Percy in readiness for the first unmanned flight on another world. [Read more about Perseverance - Update]

Still the Way Ahead?

I guess so...for the foreseeble future.  [Read more about Still the Way Ahead?]

Just a reminder that society subs for the coming year will be void. 


NASA's latest Mars rover, Perseverance, has successfully landed on Mars following a nail biting descent into Jezero crater; hope you watched it. Its mission will shortly commence in earnest, but what will Perseverance discover? Will it stay the distance?  Will its clingon fly? All these questions, and hopefully numerous others, are going to be answered over the coming year...or so.  [Read more about Will Perseverance Pay Off?]

The Way Ahead

The roadmap to freedom has been laid out by the government, but will we be able to meet sooner ... or later. [Read more about The Way Ahead]

There will be no formal society meeting in March or April ... [Read more about Spring Society Meetings and Observatory Open Nights. ]

You can still download Paul Money's excellent Night Scenes almanac for 2021, but on PDF or Kindle e book format only. Details are as follows..


Just a reminder that society subs for the coming year will be void. 


Due to the ongoing Covid lockdown restrictions there will be no society meeting in February and most likely March.   [Read more about Society Meetings and Observatory Open Nights. ]

It's been a very different last 9 months, challenging, frustrating, sometimes uplifting. Here then is a brief summary of 2020 from the societies prospective, including highlights of events in the sky.   [Read more about 2020 -A Year to Remember?]