Bruce Observatory

Essential work on the Bruce Observatory is once again required in order to maintain the integrity of the building itself. 

The telescope and mount itself is in pretty good working order (maybe a good clean required) but the shutters, guttering, south side wall, dome felting and exterior laths all require attention.  [Read more about Bruce Observatory]


Did anyone spot any Geminid meteors?

(Publisher’s note: Andi in Tenerife raises his hand, smugly.)

The evenings (and early part of the mornings) on the relevant dates, were pretty cloudy.  The dawn of the 14th was clearer, but at 06:45h skies were beginning to lighten and Mark only saw two (one of these wasn’t a Geminid), so hopefully someone may have fared better. [Read more about Geminids]

Christmas Meal 2018

This year’s society Christmas meal at the Hare and Hounds was once again a convivial occasion.  Nine members made it to the festive banqueting table, the taxi service provided by Mark and Saul ran like clockwork, shaming the normal taxi services... [Read more about Christmas Meal 2018]

WDAS Subs 2019

It will soon be time for sub renewal’s for the coming year.  Happily society subscription rates will be kept at the same level as last year, ie. £12, for adults with subsidied rates at £8 for under-16s.  You can bring subs along to the WDAS monthly meetings in December, January or February at the very latest.  If you cannot make the meetings, cheques are made payable to:

Whitby & District Astronomical Society
Please address to Mark Dawson:
33 Laburnum Grove, Whitby YO21 1HZ.  [Read more about WDAS Subs 2019]

We now have 25 copies of Night Scenes 2019, and are beginning to distribute them. 

The good news is that they are just £4 to paid up society members (or those renewing) and £6 for non members.  They are without doubt the best glossy colour astronomical almanac on the market, quite simply indispensable for the coming year. [Read more about Night Scenes 2019 (have arrived!)]

We have now booked the Hare and Hounds for Dec 1st for 19:00h.  The booking is for up to 15 people, give or take, so it will be first come first serve.  A pre order of menu choices will be required a week before the date. [Read more about Society Christmas Meal 2018]

Night Scenes 2019

We will be putting in an order for 25 copies of Night Scenes 2019, however they are not expected out until late October/early November, so we may have to be a little patient. The price may also have increased, though perhaps not to the stated price on the Astrospace website, (Paul normally does us a deal) If you want to reserve a copy please let Mark know. [Read more about Night Scenes 2019]

Danby Dark Sky Event

After a mild week of clear evenings, it was on the cards that for the weekend of the half term ‘dark sky’ event at the Danby Moors Centre, an arctic plunge would complicate matters.  Chilly, blustery, showery conditions are not conducive for observing outdoors.  Therefore the decision was taken to host an indoor presentation for the 55 or so people who had booked to come along.  Although conditions did improve marginally, it proved to be the correct choice. [Read more about Danby Dark Sky Event]

And finally...

...we shall again be organising a WDAS Christmas meal for members and their friends, spouses, etc.  We are probably looking at The Hare and Hounds in Hawsker again.  We shall discuss at the October meeting.  Conformation of date will then be in November’s notes. [Read more about And finally... ]

In terms of observing success, if conditions had remained as per the early part of summer, it would have been A*.  [Read more about Summer: Mini bite Assessment]