In our Solar System we find to kinds of planets: small rocky planets closer to the sun, and ice giants further out.  The rocky planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars) have only three moons among them, whereas the ice giants (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Saturn) have around ninety.  This month's video article by 'Astronomic' explains...

  [Read more about Why do we only have one moon?]

Night Scenes 2017

We are starting to distribute Night Scenes 2017, so if you would like a copy it’s just £4 to society members, £5.50 otherwise.  Cannot be certain how many copies will remain once all those spoken for have been dispatched, so don’t delay, it would make a fantastic new year's gift. [Read more about Night Scenes 2017]

Christmas Meal 2016

Our Christmas meal at the Hare and Hounds once again proved a great success.  Even though only seven members made it to the banqueting table on the date chosen (and no we didn’t lose any on the way up) did not detract from the evening.  [Read more about Christmas Meal 2016]

Leeds Astromeet 2016

Five society members, Andi, Andy, Lee, Mark and John from Westerdale made the journey over to Leeds Astromeet this year.  With Andi at the helm, we seemed to make good time, arriving at the venue with almost half an hour to spare before the first lecture... [Read more about Leeds Astromeet 2016]

Eskdale Star Night

We have been invited once again to assist with the Schools star night activities.  The event is some way off, but the date for the diary is March 22nd – 19:00h.  The York planetarium will be present, and hot soup, rolls and cakes will be available.  Should be a good evening! [Read more about Eskdale Star Night]

May 9th has been pencilled in for Paul’s lecture.  The topic has yet to be decided, and the venue, but apart from that everything is going to plan. [Read more about Paul Money Lecture - Update]

Christmas Meal 2016

As of going to press, 8 people have so far booked for the society Christmas meal at the Hare and Hounds on Friday 9th.  Menus choices must be made by December 6th - the night of our monthly meeting, which is the cut off date for anyone wishing to book a seat at the festive table.  Travelling arrangements will be finalised then.  The meal has been provisional [Read more about Christmas Meal 2016]

In theory, a moon can have a moon.  The region of space around a satellite where a sub-satellite can exist is called a 'Hill sphere'.  Outside the hillsphere the sub-satellite would be lost around the satellite, and therefore orbiting the planet or the sun instead of the moon itself... [Read more about Can a Moon Have a Moon?]

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WDAS Subs 2017

It’s almost that time of year again – society subscription renewal for the coming year.  Rates will be kept at 2016 levels: [Read more about WDAS Subs 2017]