The society has been invited to the NYM Park Fest day on Sunday 24th July, to be held at the Danby Moors centre. 

Predominantly a food and craft fair with a theme this year of ‘try something new’, we have been asked to provide some Mars bars, Galaxies, Milky Ways, Rocket biscuits and ‘planets’....  just joking.  We have though been tasked with solar viewing, scaled solar system demos and anything else that may be considered adventurous... [Read more about Park Fest – Danby Moors Centre]

Mark-less Star Party

14-May-2016: A picture of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, taken by Warren on West Cliff.  (Actually there were definitely visitors: Warren was giving a sky tour when Andi made a brief visit during vote-counting.)

Well, would you believe it, a transit untroubled by the weather?  Yes, it was true, you weren’t dreaming, for all 7 and a bit hours, Mercury remained visible against the Sun’s disk, as hardly a cloud dared show its face in the sky.  Mark ventured up to the Whitby Youth Hostel with a couple of refractors, setting up in the rear garden in ‘most agreeable’ surroundings and a backdrop probably unmatched anywhere in the country, ie the Abbey. [Read more about Mercury Transits in Style]

The Transit Party at Whitby Youth Hostel did allow Mark to schedule in some star party dates there.  Both dates for May were clouded out, so the next date is June 10th (Friday) from 9pm – initially solar viewing, then lunar, and finally planetary observations. 

The following evening a star party is scheduled for the West Cliff as per usual.  Weather permitting of course. [Read more about WDAS News: Whitby Youth Hostel Events]

Initially requested by Libby Lavelle, assistant Head teacher of Ayresome Primary school in Middlesbrough, the original plan was to host a star party for her visiting group of two dozen 10 and 11 year old pupils at Whitby Youth Hostel, near the Abbey on March 29th.  This was however postponed on the night itself, the weather was lousy, but the forecast ahead looked promising... [Read more about Whitby YHA Event with pupils of Ayresome Primary School]

Four WDAS Members have already booked or the British Astronomical Association Summer Meeting in York on July 2nd.  If you'd like to go too, please contact and [Read more about BAA Summer Meeting 2016: in York!]

Observatory Nights

Observatory sessions have been more successful in the March.  On Sunday 13th March there was an astro-photography session... [Read more about Observatory Nights]

Following our adventures down at the hostel in February, a sequel has been planned for April 5th (20:30pm start), assuming that is skies are not totally overcast or it’s raining, in which case the event is likely to be postponed.  If it is partly cloudy, so that observations are possible, the format will be similar to last time... [Read more about Boggle Hole Youth Hostel Event]

Organised by Claire Barber, Head Teacher at Fylingdales Primary School, Fylingthorpe, to tie in with the pupils work projects on space and the night sky. 

It was such a shame for all concerned that the weather conspired against us for the duration of the visit.  The prefab room was full to overflowing - standing room only for the indoor presentation.  Outside, the forecast intermittent light rain, fell as persistent, heavy rain! No observing then, but there was still plenty of enthusiasm to perform the scale solar system demo... [Read more about The Fylingdales School Event on 2nd March]

Anyone wishing to attempt a UK Messier marathon (for full details see here)
the optimum dates this year are 11 and 12th March, or April 1st & 2nd.