Certainly one of our observing highlights on the WDAS calendar, we are hoping to host two events at Hook’s House this year; one on Aug 22nd and another on Sept 5th.

The Aug 22nd event will coincide with a quater phase moon, whilst the 5th will be a dark sky event. Should the first two dates fall victim to the weather, we shall try again on Sept 12th... [Read more about Hooks House Farm Events 2015]

Kettleness Visit

Members of the society travelled over to Kettleness on July 18th to host a star party for a visiting party of cub scouts; the Osbaldwick and Murton Cub Scouts, requested by their leader Julie Lund... [Read more about Kettleness Visit]

Mystery Flash

 Did anyone else notice a bright light flash outside - presumably in the sky, around 10:45pm -11pm on Wed 10th June. The light persisted for around 3 or 4 seconds and was roughly south in orientation, reasonbly high, but it was not directly visible.  No sound was heard, so a bolide can be ruled out. It could have been a brilliant meteor. Anyone else notice anything? [Read more about Mystery Flash]

Perhaps not a first, but at least opening star party event of the summer season on May 23rd went ahead in pretty decent conditions, with just a little cloud around the horizon.  With five scopes deployed and eight members present, the most was made of the bright twilight conditions that prevail at this time of year. 

A lovely waxing crescent moon, the planets; Venus and Jupiter and Saturn and finally some of the brighter stars, made it an enjoyable evening, certainly plenty of ‘goodies’ to keep a quite sizeable and interested crowd at the eyepieces for a couple of hours... [Read more about Summer Star Party Season kicks-off in style]

Paul Money Lecture

There surely cannot have been that many occasions in which Paul has made the journey up to Whitby in such fine conditions, more akin to summer than spring. It was a pleasure not having to battle wind, rain, snow, plague of locusts, etc., which often seems to coincide with Paul’s appearance at the Museum... [Read more about Paul Money Lecture]

After the society meeting in May, the next formal meeting is not until early autumn, but weather permitting we hope to see some of you at the scheduled public Star Party events over the early summer months. WDAS members who regularly support star parties will know how rewarding these can be. All that is required is a fine evening, a curious public (and some are believe you me very curious) and the scopes. Members also find it a great way to interact and share their interest in astronomy with others.

Assistance is always welcome - actually it's becoming a necessity, even it's just to lend a hand in setting up equipment and keeping a watchful eye on things. So if you can make it along, please do join us. If you are not sure as to whether an event is on due to weather conditions, please ring Mark beforehand to verify matters.   [Read more about Summer Star Party Season]

Here’s a date for your diary, popular astronomer and top astro-lecturer Paul Money will be giving a presentation in Whitby’s Pannett Park Museum on Tues April 21st. 

Paul will be presenting ‘Images of the Earth’, - our planet from space.  Doors are open from 7pm for a 7:30 start. 

Admission is £3 for adults and £1.50 for under 14’s.  Homemade refreshments will be available.  Anyone who has seen Paul before will know a great evening is in store.  [Read more about Paul Money lecture ‘Images of the Earth’]

The Day the Sun Smiled

So, did you manage to observe something of the eclipse?

After the total cloud out' of the last major astronomical event; the early morning transit of Venus in 2012, the chances of viewing the most significant solar eclipse since 2003 at best looked in the balance, but sometimes luck does favour the optimistic. 

So I suppose we should consider ourselves rather fortunate that the weather patterns altered, shifting the low cloud and fog which blanketed the area each morning in the days leading up to Friday, and that the forecast heavy cloud for the morning itself was considerably more patchy and thinner than predicted.... [Read more about The Day the Sun Smiled]

Danby Centre Visit

The society has been invited to assist at an event being held by the National Parks Authority in October.  This will be at the Moors Centre; Danby on Oct 31st and will be some form of star party/presentation format depending on conditions.  Further details will follow later in the summer. [Read more about Danby Centre Visit]

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