Unfortunately due to a dreaded combination of fresh Covid 19 restrictions, a spike in local cases and then the wrong weather at the wrong time, the scheduled events all fell victim to these circumstances.  

It's been dire to say the least as far as Star Party events are concerned, with the last one being held in February.  In fact the only occasion two or more society members have met to do some observing over the summer months was to try out Keith's Eviscope, and even then the sky conditions were far from ideal.  The chances of a public 'comet' watch, even passed us by.  Then again, decent comets always seem to bring trouble with them!.  Safe to say, it has been most frustrating since Covid 19 'road into town' and trashed the place.  It has been far worse for others though, we have just been inconvenienced. 

Although by no means out of the Covid woods (just lost in them),  we do intend to hold some 'Mars party' events in October and, hopefully November (see Mars Observation evenings). 

As for our annual summer star party assessment, i think that would be stamped 'abject failure', however in accordance with government policy we left the Star Party assessment calculation to 'a world beating algorithm'.  Apparently, so it said, we had a fantastic summer with successful events at least 3 times a week.  Well done all!  To summarise then, Aaaaaahhhhhh.