Following our adventures down at the hostel in February, a sequel has been planned for April 5th (20:30pm start), assuming that is skies are not totally overcast or it’s raining, in which case the event is likely to be postponed.  If it is partly cloudy, so that observations are possible, the format will be similar to last time... [Read more about Boggle Hole Youth Hostel Event]

Organised by Claire Barber, Head Teacher at Fylingdales Primary School, Fylingthorpe, to tie in with the pupils work projects on space and the night sky. 

It was such a shame for all concerned that the weather conspired against us for the duration of the visit.  The prefab room was full to overflowing - standing room only for the indoor presentation.  Outside, the forecast intermittent light rain, fell as persistent, heavy rain! No observing then, but there was still plenty of enthusiasm to perform the scale solar system demo... [Read more about The Fylingdales School Event on 2nd March]

Anyone wishing to attempt a UK Messier marathon (for full details see here)
the optimum dates this year are 11 and 12th March, or April 1st & 2nd.

Venue to locate

We still not have resolved the venue issue with regard to the Paul Money lecture.  The powers that be at the Museum obviously are not interested in local groups using the facility, given the price hike and other stipulations We are hoping to locate a venue in Town, but may have to look further afield depending on hire cost and capacity etc.  It does though look we will have to postpone Paul until later in the year. [Read more about Venue to locate]

We have a couple of ‘Star nights planned in March. 

  • The first is on the 2nd March, the night after our society meeting.  This is for Fylingdales Primary School at Fylingthorpe at 18:30pm.  If it is clear we shall take some scopes over (members assistance please) otherwise it will an indoor presentation with a scale solar system demo. 
  • Then on the 29th (although this is yet to be confirmed) we shall be hosting an event at Whitby Youth Hostel for a visiting Schools group from Middlesbrough.  Not sure on exact time, but i expect it to be around 18:30-19:00h.  Again, the usual format will be adopted.

This event had been planned last year, and coincided with the centre being awarded ‘Dark sky status’ making it three sites in the North York Moors area.  Richly deserved it is too, as we consider it the best ‘observer friendly’ venue of the three.

 You never know what the weather will throw at you in February, so at least it was comforting that no snow lay on the ground, or that it wasn’t sub zero or blowing a gale, just cloudy, with just a hint of meatballs... [Read more about The Moors Centre – Danby Escapade: A long expected party]

It has been rather a hectic mid-month, with numerous star parties and events hosted to coincide with the schools half term.  Here then is an account of proceedings.

An Unexpected Journey and A Very Expected Return

'Would you be able to help out?' came the plea from John T at Fylingthorpe.  'They're hosting a couple of ‘star nights’ down at Boggle Hole Youth Hostel and i think we need help'... [Read more about A Boggle Hole Adventure]

Stargazing Live

Hope you managed to catch the BBC Stargazing live shows in January. With Major Tim Peake’s stay on ISS already a month old, the emphasis was very much on the work he is doing, astronaut training, and the future direction of manned space flight... [Read more about Stargazing Live]

Observatory Nights

Well, err, mmm, very little to report really, just about every Sunday night has been rained off, clouded out or blown away.  But don't despair... [Read more about Observatory Nights]

Dr Alan Chapman
(Oxford University)

This was Dr Chapman’s personal homage to Patrick, not his life story as such, but an attempt to compare his likeness with other great science communicators, publishers and educators of the last 300 years. [Read more about Astromeet 2015 Lecture 4: The Life of Sir Patrick Moore]