It is looking increasingly unlikely there will be a society meeting this October, or for that matter probably November.   As of going to press meetings of six or more people are prohibited, more places are in some form of local lockdown scenario and the College is understandably curtailing 'evening classes' etc anyway.  We are planning some select Mars observing nights at the Bruce Observatory in October and November (see Mars Observing Evenings), but there are no other scheduled public star party events planned.

Covid 19 looks as though it's here for the immediate foreseeable future, with the possibility of further prohibitive measures being introduced by the government.  So, unfortunately the October meeting will have to be cancelled and we shall review matters for November nearer the time.

The nature of this pandemic and hence government responses are rather fluid..... and circumstances can change rapidly, but prospects do look pretty bleak for any full blown meetings or public events without current restrictions or safety measures in place until well into the New Year.  But we shall see.