In this month's edition:

  • Planetary Skylights: Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Venus and Mercury
  • Meteors: Alpha Aurigids
  • February 2018 Sky Charts

As part of the Dark Skies festival held throughout February half term across North Yorkshire and beyond, our society will be hosting a ‘star party’ at the Danby Moors Centre.  And the RAF Fylingdales event planned for January 18th, and organised by York A.S, the base, with assistance from us, had to be cancelled, victim of the wintry conditions... [Read more about Dark Sky Night – Danby Moors Centre]

WDAS Subs 2018

Just to remind everyone subscription renewals are now underway for the coming year.  Rates will be kept at 2017 levels, ie £12, with subsidised rates at £6.

You can bring subs along to the WDAS monthly meetings in December, January or February at the very latest.  Mark will also doing the rounds sometime over the festive holidays, so no pretending to be out! [Read more about WDAS Subs 2018]

Night Scenes 2018

We are starting to distribute Night Scenes 2018, so if you would like a copy it’s just £4 to society members, £5.50 otherwise.  Cannot be certain how many copies will remain once all those spoken for have been dispatched, so don’t delay,

We don’t have to remind you how indespensible this almanac is, so don’t delay.  Price will be £4 to paid-up Members (it actually retails in outlets at £7), non members £5.50p. [Read more about Night Scenes 2018]