Finally, castaway member Andi Ye (who is located in Tenerife) was back in Britain for a week towards the end of January.  So we thought it would be good idea to meet up and have a chinwag.  It was all last minute stuff, but seven members (Andi Ye, Andy L, Keith, Lee, Mark, Phil and Elaine) made it along to the corner bar at the Royal Hotel for ‘bingo and dominoes’ at the ‘pipe and slippers evening’. 

No, actually it was ok, you could hear yourself think, the seats were comfy and the ale decent.  It was great to see Andi again, catch up on matters, with the conversation ranging from dark skies and locations in Tenerife, to corporal punishment...  strange old evening, but most enjoyable!

Deep Fake?
'Is this the real Lee?  Is this just fantasy?
Who the pole dancer, behind Phil and Keith could be?
Open your eyes, look out to the skies and see
Is that a lens flare, or a lighthouse that we can see?
(Lyrcs: Planet Mercury)