If you noticed bright cloud low to the north after 11pm on July 7th, it was actually a fine display of Noctilucent cloud. These clouds are the highest known clouds in the Earth’s atmosphere, some 50 miles up, and shine with a characteristic silvery blue hue, and can be seen long after midnight low above the northern horizon at this time of year. [Read more about Noctilucent Cloud Display Visible]

Summer Star Parties

The weather hasn’t been bad at all, in general, with some really clear nights in which to observe, especially mid week. The problem being Star Parties at this time of year are nearly always at the weekend, so I guess we have been unlucky in that still only one event has gone ahead. [Read more about Summer Star Parties]

W.D.A.S. Members have long enjoyed our monthly newsletter with Sky Notes, Society News, Event Write-ups and Forthcoming Events.  For the longest time Mark laboured long each month on the newsletter and then pedalled, drove and (in extreme weathers) swam far abroad making deliveries.

Since last year, we have been gradually increasing the newsletter content on the website.  And since the beginning of this year newsletter deliveries switched to e-mail.  Now we have the technology to bring website and newsletter together!

From next month... [Read more about Newsletter and Website Membership]

In this month's edition:

  • Planetary Skylights: Mars and Saturn are visible in the evening sky, with Mars drawing ever closer to Saturn as the month progresses. The planetary highlight of the month is however to be found in the dawn sky...
  • Meteor Watch: The peak of the Perseid meteor shower this year coincides with an almost full moon...
  • August 2014 Sky Charts
  • UPDATE Mega Moon: details of the Mega Moon on August 10th!