• Mark will be giving a talk at the Museum for the Whitby Literary and Philosophical Society on October 15th at 14:00h: The Autumn night sky.
  • A Star Party on October 21st will be held at Mrs M Johnston’s, Ferndene House, Fylingthorpe to raise funds for the ‘Brighter Futures’ charity, helping African children get an education. 

    It is due to start from 19:00h so we would need to be there by 18:45h. There is a large back garden and a gazebo will be erected for the occasion providing cover. Further details will be given at the Oct monthly meeting.

  • Although there are no firm details just yet, there may be a couple more star party events in October, with Fylinghall School likely and one at Egton possibly on the cards.  Again if information is forthcoming before our meeting on October 4th it will be divulged then.