Thanks very much to Members who have sent their stunning images to Mark, for inclusion in this month's newsletter.  In chronological order:

18-Apr-2020 at 22:05h: (by Mark and described in his own words)
East Pier Lighthouse with Blobby-Venus and part of Orion.  (Click for full-sized image)

20-Apr-2020 at 22:24h: (by Paul Ming) Lyra and Coathanger Asterism.  (Click for full-sized image)

21-Apr-2020 (at Dawn): (by Richard Randle)
A stunning picture of the Dawn Milky Way, looking towards Sagittarius.  (Click for full-sized image)

22-Apr-2020 at 23:55h: (by Richard Randle)
A Lyrid, near Corona Borealis.  (Click for full-sized image)