The following evening (3rd) was scheduled to be the Hook’s house camp site star party, however conditions were decidedly incompatible to any form of event, so it was postponed for a week.  The 10th our contingency date, turned out to be far more conducive for a star party.  Skies were almost as clear as Westerdale, the big difference being the moon, a full half, so natural light pollution was more evident.  Five members had made it across, and with 5 scopes set up, there was enough instrument ‘eye candy’ to attract the campers from a pretty full campsite.

10-Sep-2016 at Hook's House Farm: few photos captured on the night and needed
the deepest possible Google dream to titivate.

Taking advantage of the unobstructed views to the SW, Saturn and Mars were our early targets, with queues soon forming behind the scopes to view them.  As darkness fell Mark was able to give a laser point tour of the night sky, whilst Keith, Lee and Warren sought out various summer sky wonders.  Andi manned the burger van, well, the boot of his car, doling out homemade hamburgers and hotdogs in buns, whilst Mark’s container of mini sausage rolls were also offered round.  These star parties are not good for the waistline.

Views of the moon proved a huge draw, the terminator edge crossing some fine lunar scenery, including Copernicus, Clavius, and the lunar Apennines.  Stunning vista’s which impressed everyone.  As the evening wore on conditions became a little more chilly and as people drifted away back to their caravans and tents, Winter (which we all should know, is coming) did appear over the hedgerow to the east, otherwise identified as the Pleiades.  Just time for one more hotdog before we departed.  Thanks to all those members who came along and Hook’s House Farm for their cooperation.