Organised by Claire Barber, Head Teacher at Fylingdales Primary School, Fylingthorpe, to tie in with the pupils work projects on space and the night sky. 

It was such a shame for all concerned that the weather conspired against us for the duration of the visit.  The prefab room was full to overflowing - standing room only for the indoor presentation.  Outside, the forecast intermittent light rain, fell as persistent, heavy rain! No observing then, but there was still plenty of enthusiasm to perform the scale solar system demo.

Keen as mustard they were to see what Jupiter, Saturn and the outer gas worlds looked like in the rain.  This solar system was particularly rich in H2O, if not a little squelchy underfoot. 

Still, once back inside the potential of turning the prefab into a steam sauna, could clearly by gauged, especially if you wore glasses! After another quick presentation and a really impressive question and answer session, it was time to set sail ...err, depart, just as the rain eased and clouds began to break. 

Plans are already in the pipeline for further visits, hopefully when we can at least point objects out.