The ‘summer ‘ star party season is almost upon us and as per other years we shall be hosting events from the Cpt Cook headland area on West Cliff; and some from the Archery green area later in the summer. 

The dates listed below are for May and June scheduled events, (weather permitting).  If the proceeding evening looks a better bet when we get to these dates, that may then become the observing night.  If you can join us, (especially if you can bring a telescope along) it would be most appreciated.  Over the years we’ve experienced some absolutely stunning evening events (and the occasional dud).  But if the weathers fine, there are objects to view and the public is about, they are always evenings to remember.  Hope to see you!

All of the following from West Cliff, Captiain Cook Headland:

  • 06-May-2017 from 21:00h: observations of waxing Moon and Jupiter
  • 27-May-2017 from 21:00h: Spring Bank weekend Solar and Jupiter observations
  • 23-Jun-2017 from 21:00h: Lunar and Planetary observations
  • 09-Jun-2017 from 21:00h:  Lunar and Planetary observations