A really fine display of Noctilucent cloud was observed by Mark and other society members, including Elaine and Phil during the late evening of July 11th 2019. 

Mark first noticed something developing low to the north shortly after 23:10h.  Observing from his back bedroom window –which faces north, Mark followed the display until almost midnight, taking some images in the process.  Visible only at this time of year, Noctilucent cloud forms almost exclusively between latitudes 50 and 60 degrees north, at altitudes in excess of 50 miles. 

In appearance the cloud is filamentary in structure, having a characteristic silvery-blue colour.  It forms when water vapour condenses at very low temperatures onto particles suspended in the air, perhaps pollutants.  Do keep an eye out during the early part of August for any further displays, you just never know.