From Paul's web site, he writes 

"It is with great sadness that I am officially discontinuing the NightScenes Yearbook after giving it a lot of thought. I never expected to get to 21 editions but I can’t compete with the likes of Collins or Phillips or even the renewed Yearbook of Astronomy that used to be done by Patrick.

It’s been a good run but sometimes all good things have to come to an end but I am grateful to all the people who bought copies over the years. It remains to be seen if I will continue the monthly night sky section of the website or even with the Facebook page"

Night Scenes will indeed be sadly missed - 21 years; How time flies. 

Speaking of the Yearbook of Astronomy, the 2022 edition is now available. For many years the Yearbook was edited by the late Sir Patrick Moore, before almost disappearing from the shelves. It is now Edited by Brian Jones with the special 60th Jubilee edition on sale and is packed full of articles, as well as comprehensive monthly sky charts and information on what to look out for. I must admit I used to purchase it every year at one time.  At £20 it is more expensive than Night Scenes, but with over 340 pages there is a great deal to digest. Society members will be particularly interested to read the first article in the month of January. Entitled “Joseph Thomas Ward - Shepherd Astronomer of New Zealand”, the article about said Thomas Ward and the installation of a 9" Cooke refractor in Whanganui NZ was written by our very own John McCue who visited the observatory in 2016

Copies of Yearbook 2022 can be obtained from Amazon or in WH Smiths or directly from publishers Pen and Sword at