And Action!... John directs a blockbuster.

Hardly seems like twelve months have slipped by, but once again society members found themselves in the Hare and Hounds, passing out Christmas cards, pulling crackers, donning paper hats, pondering the nature of the plastic toys inside, groaning at the terrible Christmas jokes, but most of all looking forward to the Christmas fayre.

Andy tells a story; Barbara, two Marks and Lee nod; meanwhile pepper pot hides behind menu.  And where's Andi?  (Come-on guys, you know the routine... click for full image!)

December 14th was also peak of the Geminid meteor shower, but that had occurred during the early morning hours and none were noticed that evening during a short and impromptu observing session from the Hare and Hounds car park.  Nine members eventually made it along for the evening, Andy L, Mark and Barbara, Keith, John L, Lee, Victor, Mark and Saul.

Saul, Lee and Victor.

The evening was most enjoyable, the usual mix of debate, discussion, plus the eating and drinking of course; 3 of those: starters, main and dessert!  The food was pretty much polished off.  There were no menu issues either, so Mark had correctly placed the orders.  After settling up the bill, by 22:00h members made their way home, most satisfied.  Pics will be available on the website.  Here’s to next year’s event.

"It's 9 o'clock."  (Self-captioned by Mark.)

And with one last photo, wishing you a Happy New Year...

Polished off nicely!  Thanks to Keith for all the photos... look for him in the reflections!