With Mars reaching a very favourable opposition for UK observers this October, it would be rather a shame and missed opportunity not to host a few Mars observing sessions at the Bruce Observatory at Caedmon College.  Matters may change, preventing any mixing of people outside household bubbles, but as of Sept 29th it would be possible to have limited numbers, say no more than 5 people at a time, at the Bruce Observatory.  We will have to wait for Mars to ‘clear the trees’ at the College, so probably dates later in the month would be more practical. 


If you would like to view the 'Red Planet' through the Cooke refractor at the Observatory we are proposing to hold Mars observing evenings on Oct 17th, 24th ( 9-10pm) and Oct 31st (8:30-10pm).   

Each time period will be split into 'half hour' time slots and we are asking people to book a time slot for the particular evening. Two time slots for the first two dates and three for the last date.  This can be done by emailing Mark;- spanton33attalktalk.net.  The October dates will be reserved for society members initially. 

Please be aware there will be no toilet facilites available on site, sorry.


Should restrictions still allow small gatherings, dates for November, will be set aside for public viewings to tie in with National Astronomy week (Nov 14-22). The dates  in November are 7th, 14th and 21st.  Times are from 7pm - 9:30pm, again with 30 minute time slot periods bookable as before, the last time slot being from 9pm. 

Of course everything is dependant on the weather conditions on the evening in question and a degree of furtune ...or not, will dictate just who sees what.  We will try to accommodate and reschedule those 'clouded out or rained off' nights. 


Covid 19 safety measures and protocols will be employed.  Strickly first come first serve.