In this month's edition:

  • Planetary Skylights: Jupiter & Saturn, Mars, Neptune & Uranus, Venus (with Beehive).
  • September 2020 Sky Charts


Cancelled earlier in the year, a casualty to the Covid 19 pandemic, this year’s Whitby Regatta (had it gone ahead) would still have been a huge disappointment weather-wise with cloudy, misty and damp conditions prevailing across the weekend.  I very much doubt whether we would have even ventured onto the West Cliff at all, such were the leaden skies.  Some things never change[...] [Read more about Regatta 2020 – Did we miss out?]

Coming Society Events

Hook's House Event - 22nd August 2020

Planned as our first real outdoor ...outreach event, it was hoped conditions would play ball for our annual pilgrimage over to Hook’s house[...]

Westerdale Event

As of ‘going to keyboard’, we haven’t yet officially had a date confirmed for the annual Westerdale star party event, but it certainly will not be in September[...]

Monthly Meetings Recommence??

WDAS monthly meetings may also possibly re- start in October, but to be honest we won’t know whether it will be feasible until after the college goes back and settled down[...] [Read more about Coming Society Events]

Andy Lawrence

We will soon sadly be losing one of the stalwarts of the society shortly: Andy Lawrence.  I say sadly, but for Andy and his wife, Anne, it is the start of a whole new exciting chapter in their lives as they move up to Scotland by October[...] [Read more about Andy Lawrence]

Thanks to Members for some stunning pictures of The Moon, Jupiter, and the house across the street[...] [Read more about Member Images in September 2020]