In this month's edition:

  • Planetary Skylights: Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Uranus, Neptune, Mercury, Mars... and stilll Vesta.
  • Meteors: Geminids, Ursids
  • December 2019 Sky Charts

Transit of Mercury

Well, it wasn’t a total cloud out for the transit of Mercury on Nov 11th after all, that said, the window of observing opportunity was limited to an hour or so during the early afternoon (at least from the Whitby and district area).  Several members did manage to get out and view the transit during this period, taking a few nice images of the event... [Read more about Transit of Mercury]

Off the Treadmill

After working the thickest end of four decades at Fylingdales, society stalwart Andy Lawrence has finally vacated the work treadmill and retired. After starting at Fylingdales in a cleaning capacity before moving to the stores, Andy eventually finished as a materials controller... [Read more about Off the Treadmill]

Night Scenes 2020

As of publishing we are still awaiting Night Scenes 2020, but they should be with us soon.  We have ordered 25 copies and if you want to reserve a copy please contact Mark.

Stop Press: Night-Scenes have left the Printers!  Hopefully they will reach us in time for the WDAS December meeting. If not, we will inform you when they do.

Reluctantly the price of Night Scenes has had to be increased slightly, but even at £5 (for Members) it still represents outstanding value.  [Read more about Night Scenes 2020]

The Hare & Hounds at Hawsker will again be the venue for the Society Christmas meal.  The date is December 14th at 19:00h.  Click to see the menu, and if you are interested in a festive feast, please let Mark know your course choices at the December meeting... [Read more about Society Christmas Meal 2019]

Forthcoming Events

  • The Society will be involved in several star party events in February coinciding with the half term ‘dark skies period from the 21st to the 28th.
  • The Fox and Hound at Ainthorpe have teamed up with the Danby Moors centre for the 21st 22nd events.
  • We will be at the Fox and Hounds Inn on the 21st and the Moors Centre the following evening.  Details will be given in the January or February notes.
  • On Feb 28th we have been invited by Angelique Russell to try again at Fylinghall School, hopefully with clearer skies this time.  Again, further details will be forthcoming in the Jan/Feb notes.