The society has been invited to the NYM Park Fest day on Sunday 24th July, to be held at the Danby Moors centre. 

Predominantly a food and craft fair with a theme this year of ‘try something new’, we have been asked to provide some Mars bars, Galaxies, Milky Ways, Rocket biscuits and ‘planets’....  just joking.  We have though been tasked with solar viewing, scaled solar system demos and anything else that may be considered adventurous... [Read more about Park Fest – Danby Moors Centre]

Sky Notes - July 2016

In this month's edition:

  • Planetary Skylights: Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and Pluto
  • Meteor Showers: Capri-Cornids, Alpha-Cygnids and Delta-Aquarids
  • July 2016 Sky Charts

From mid-July, evenings gradually become darker once again, allowing more time for observers to explore and appreciate the summer constellations. 

The brightest stars emerge around 22:15h, isolated jewels dotted around the heavens.  Of these, seven in particular catch the eye and three; Arcturus, Vega and Capella, are ranked in the top five brightest stars visible from our shores... [Read more about A Magnificent Summer Seven]

What started out as a cloudy, chilly and blustery day, the evening seemed to be from a different season altogether, calm, clear and sunny. 

Having been at a birthday party, Mark rushed up to the headland on the west cliff, for what proved to be the most successful star party so far this summer.  The scopes were all deployed; the Moon was out, a few punters even managed to get a look... [Read more about Star Party: 18th June 2016]

If you have not already done so, would members please find time to sign the online petition – re light pollution, set up by Wakefield Astronomical Society.  This should have been sent via email to you already.  A link will be given on our website.  Ten thousand signatures (now reached!) are required for the Government to take note, and 100,000 for them to consider the subject for a parliamentary debate.  The closing deadline is July 22nd.  If you know anyone else who would be inclined to sympathise with the cause, get them to sign it too! [Read more about Light Pollution Petition]