In this month's edition:

  • Planetary Skylights: Conjunction of Venus and Saturn
  • Meteor Activity: Quadrantids
  • January 2016 Sky Charts

Mark waxes lyrical (or dreams poetically) over the 2015 Society Christmas Dinner:

"A long time ago (about a year actually) in a galaxy far, far away, (truth be told it was really quite close, like this one) a party of intrepid rebels ventured forth to eat and be merry..."

One of the most impressive stellar panoramas is the jewelled canopy of the winter night sky, in particular the southern aspect, adorned as it is with imposing constellations and studded with an array of brilliant stars.  Rich in both mythology and observational interest, there is plenty here to reward an observer, whether using binoculars, a telescope or just the naked eye... [Read more about Jewels of the Winter Sky]