In mid-September WDAS Members hoped to see a display of the Northern Lights after a solar flare rated X1.6.  But in April, NASA's 'Swift' Satellite witnessed a solar flare emitted from a young Red Dwarf star, estimated at X100,000.  Could our sun do that?  What would happen to an 'earth' orbiting that star? ... [Read more about NASA's 'Swift' satellite captures X100,000 solar flare]

First Image of Comet Siding
Spring at closest point to Mars

Comet season is Open!  Not only is the Rosetta Satellite orbiting a comet on which it hopes to successfully deposit a lander next month, but we'll have a chance to observe Comet Siding Spring at close quarters on Sunday 19th October.

For a couple of reasons, Comet Siding Spring is providing us with a rare treat... [Read more about Comet Near Miss with Mars!]

In this month's edition:

  • Planetary Skylights: Mercury appears before dawn...
  • Meteor Activity: Leonids and Taurids
  • Comet C/2013A1 Siding Spring passes Mars
  • Rosetta Comet Chase: Update
  • November 2014 Sky Charts

Night Scenes 2015

Night Scenes 2014We have ordered 20 copies of Night Scenes 2015. Compiled by Paul Money, who will hopefully be coming up to speak in spring 2015. All who purchase NSC will know it to be an indispensable colour almanac/ booklet, packed full of information on the coming year’s monthly celestial highlights. The price will be £4 to paid up members, £6 for non members. [Read more about Night Scenes 2015]

WDAS Monthly Meeting

It was a very encouraging turnout for our first meeting of the ‘new season’, and a new format as well. Apart from usual society news and business and a review of the night sky using Sky pro plus 7, each monthly meeting will also feature ‘mini’ presentations on a particular item relating to astronomical news and events, or a more in depth look at a particular celestial object, theory, or topic.

Last month Andi gave a short, but very interesting presentation on NASA's Grail Mission, and its discovery of a huge rift valley on the moon.  This month... [Read more about WDAS Monthly Meeting]

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has produced a unique composite image of comet Siding Spring as it made its never-before-seen close passage of a comet by Mars.

Here's what we know so far... [Read more about First sight: Mars meets Comet C/2013 A1 Siding Spring]