A week before this event most of the weather forecasting sites were predicting overcast skies for August 30th, a little disheartening, so it was under almost crystal clear skies that society members journeyed in convoy (sort of) over to Robin Hood’s Bay for the annual Hook’s House Star Party! ... [Read more about Hook’s House Star Party: the night the stars came out]

Leeds Astromeet

Leeds Astromeet is on Saturday 8th November 2014.  Featuring speakers talking on:

  • The formation of planetary nebulae
  • Vesta: the key to early asteroid history’
  • When galaxies collide’
  • Edmond Halley: astronomer, geophysicist and sea captain

Tickets are again just £10 (£5 concessions).  WDAS Members will be travelling in a number vehicles leaving from the Whitby School Car Park at 08:00h.  If you'd like to travel with us please let Mark know, to make sure of a place... [Read more about Leeds Astromeet]

After August’s full moon wash out, would September’s fare any better?

Initially things looked promising and we would get to view thmoon rising over the east horizon. However it became evident that by the time of moonrise, cloud in the wrong place was going to spoil the party.

Society and members of the public alike gathered around Cpt Cooks statue passing the time by trying to estimate/gauge just where the moon might appear. And then ... [Read more about September 2014's Mega-Moon Party]

After a predominantly overcast day, and some pessimism about prospects of being able to view anything outside, wouldn't you know it, skies cleared as forecast and remained clear for the duration of the event at Westerdale, making our journey very much worthwhile.

The sky was quite magnificent from the venue of the village hall car park. Quite a posse of members made it with just the one navigational miscalculation, although I believe Warren enjoyed the very scenic route... [Read more about Westerdale Star Party on 13th September 2014]

The final scheduled event of the summer (Sept. 20th) fell victim to quite unseasonably chilly and blustery conditions, with cloud scudding in off the sea, not really conducive for public viewing.

A week later summer had returned and an unscheduled event took place on the 27th. [Read more about WDAS September 2014 Star Parties]

In this month's edition:

  • Planetary Skylights: Mars and Saturn very low, Uranus and Neptune visible with a scope, Jupiter and Mercury visible to early risers...
  • Comet Watch: Comet C/2013A1 Siding Spring in a near miss with Mars
  • Meteor Watch: Tail end of the Piscids
  • October 2014 Sky Charts