Artist's impression of a White HoleWe all know about "Black Holes", which suck matter with a gravitational force so great that even light cannot escape.  But have they got a "White Hole" twin which expels matter with a force so great that not even light can enter?  Have we ever seen one?  Well, maybe we have... [Read more about Do "White Holes" Exist?]

In this month's edition

  • Planetary Skylights
  • June Meteors
  • Summer Solstice
  • Noctilucent Cloud

No snow to accompany Paul this year, although the rain and fog/mist did try to make up for this! Still, Paul made it safe and sound for his 16th visit to deliver the WDAS ‘inspire’ lecture. A last minute problem with the room projector (indeed an ongoing problem not made aware to us until Paul was in the room) almost caused a halt to proceedings before we had even started. [Read more about 2014 Paul Money Lecture]