The following three Saturday evening star party events from the West Cliff, had varying success. 

The event on the 7th proved reasonable, The following Saturday (14th October) cloud prevented any direct observations although, the rising moon adjacent to the Abbey was a hit with the photographers until it disappeared in cloud. 

14-Sep-2019: Moon Rise.  Photo by Mark.  See the Gallery for all Star Party images.

Our final ‘cliff event’ on the 21st went ahead in a brisk breeze, a pity as seeing conditions were excellent, with views of Saturn particular pleasing given its low altitude.  Telescope Go-to duties were performed by Keith’s Dobsonian, with Mark’s two manual Dobs also in operation.  Public involvement was steady, but not hectic, that said a few new members may have been picked up.

21-Sep-2019: West Cliff Star Party.  Photos by Keith.  See the Gallery for all Star Party images.