The summer star party season is now upon us, and with the good weather mostly holding several events have already been held on the cliff.  The first was an unscheduled event for the May bank holiday Sunday, and proved quite successful.  Warm temperatures and clear skies made it a pleasurable evening with Venus and Jupiter being the chief targets.  The scheduled event on the 19th also went ahead, and with the added bonus of a crescent moon, a pretty eclectic, cosmopolitan and multinational gathering enjoyed views of Venus and Jupiter as well.  It did get dark enough (just) to point out some of the brighter stars....aahh, the light nights are here!

The event scheduled for the bank holiday Saturday on the 26th fell victim to the low cloud, which after a fine day spilled in off the sea during the evening making any observations impossible. Any rescheduled attempt the following evening, would, after another glorious day, have suffered the same fate. You can’t win them all.

If you can join us for any of the scheduled ‘star party’ events, it would be most appreciated... (especially if you can bring a telescope along)