Not a great deal has altered really, like butterflies (moth sounds common) emerging from the chrysalises cocoon; we are preparing to spread our wings and indulge in flights of fancy in the coming summer months. True, those flights may not be ones abroad, but if the weather is half decent - who cares. The road map out of lockdown would appear to be more or less on course, and therefore a summer of star party dates still looks viable at this stage. We envisage that our schedule will not be too dissimilar to a normal year come July. Dates will be firmed up next month, but mid/late July will be our most likely start date.  

According to the Covid roadmap time table, it will however not be possible to hold any formal society monthly meetings indoors this side of summer. So we shall start anew in October. There will be no Bruce Observatory public open nights before the start of October either. The possibility of hosting a few members open nights after April 12 still remains, but light nights, and more relevant, the position of the planets are against us. We may though be able to undertake some repair work on the observatory before summer.