Venus keeps ahead of the sun and actually gains a little in altitude as November progresses. Look for it low above the SW horizon 45 mins after sunset. A crescent moon passes above Venus on the Nov 6th & 7th.          

Conspicuous Jupiter continues to rise earlier and is visible low in the east by 9pm at the start of November. It is situated below the 'twin' stars of Gemini. Jupiter is always well worth a view through any telescope. The moon lies below right on Nov 21st.            [Read more about Planetary Skylights - November 2013]

October 2013

Planetary Highlights

Venus continues to linger in the evening twilight very low in the SW sky, though you need to look no more than 40 minutes after sunset.  On the 16th it lies above Antares in Scorpius, whilst on the 8th a crescent moon lies above. [Read more about October 2013]