NASA have confimed the next launch date window for the Artemis 1 mission will be November 14th. Following an extensive assesment of the impact of Hurricane Ian on launch site and space centre infrastructure. Fortunately there was no damage to Artemis flight hardware, with only minor water intrusion identified at the facility. The SLS rocket had been rolled back to the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) atop the crawler-transporter before the impact of Ian, so was well protected.   

 Artemis 1 - on the way back to the VAB (click for full image)

After teams completed post-storm recovery operations, NASA has determined it will focus Artemis I launch planning efforts on the launch period that opens Nov 12 and closes Nov. 27 starting with Nov 14th. NASA has stated that all needed fixes have been made and hopes to see a success this time around. It said inspections and analyses over the previous week have confirmed minimal work is required to prepare the rocket and spacecraft to roll out to Launch Pad 39B at Kennedy Space Center in Florida following the roll-back due to Hurricane Ian. If all goes to plan on November 14th it will be a spectacular night time launch. 

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Images- courtesy of NASA